What Doctors Wont Omit Too.

well all the hype over smokers from the Doctors with-out borders, our elite the ones with the great idea to tax all smokers every year, and force them to quit, has back fired in a big way, what they have done is screwed with there mental health, stopped people from buying proper food, sending lots of people into more poverty, it is also affecting small businesses from criminals that are ramming shops to Steele all there tobacco stocks, to sell on the black markets. when will the penny drop, it was a flop from the start, and is costing kids and families general health and well-being just wake up to your selves, and look at the evidence of what you have done, people have rights to do as they wish with there lives, not to be dictated to by Politics and scare tactics from Doctors that have always been anti tobacco.

What Aussie’s Are Saying 2020-21

Well crime is on the rise everywhere these day’s, why!!

And mental health has gone through the roof.

do we have rights, and can we make our own decisions, not to be bullied or forced to change our habits, because anti tobacco doctors don’t like people enjoying a smoke, what has become of the Australia that I loved, W.T.F!!!

Watch this space alcohol is next, believe me and this liberal government will fund it all.

Now they are trying to stop your well earned super increase of 12.5%.

Our pensioners are dying because there attitude is, it will work it self out, where is the (Plan B) gone the bragged about, just another lie, she will be right mate, W.T.F!!!

N.D.I.S – It is Out of Touch With The Vulnerable.

Why are so many disabled people falling through the cracks. Is this Government pulling the strings, if so leave it alone and leave it to the experts to fix. Just like how people with chronic pain are being asked to under go more unnecessary appointments for there medications, this is a very important decision for our qualified doctors to implement, let our Qualified Doctors do there jobs properly that they have spent in university to be able to care for us the vulnerable and sick people in Australia, without this governments interference. This government is over stepping there authority here.

She’ll Be Right Mate.

The Liberal Coalition states she will be right, mate. Just another tactic this government uses, as well as if you have a go you will get a go. They really are the masters of spin, and the people are sick of it, they just don’t care about anyone, other than their mate’s, and all their own achievements, look at how many of our aged pensioners have died at their watch, in regards with this new virus, now they are finally being called out, for all the years of cutting so many important services and removing lots of them, to big-note how good they are at saving money. This virus has caught them with their pants down. And still tell everybody how good they are at managing the country’s finances and taxes, all at our expense mind you. What a disgrace it shows how fake they really are, they hate handing taxpayers money out, to the lower and middle-class people of Australia, but love handing our taxes to the big end businesses of Australia. Just look at what they are trying to now stop! A very important super upgrade to 12.5% for all working-class people. The proof is staring everyone in the face, look at the respect they give to our unemployed, forty dollars a day to live on, they just don’t care, it shows their true colors, on how they really think about people in the lower end of society. They are really becoming so annoying at press conferences, they just won’t answer the questions truthfully, but that’s the Spin again, blaming the past Governments, or change the subject altogether, Sad but this is how their tiny brains work. Don’t forget him saying they the Australian people voted for us, now we can screw them over, but think about it, they just won the last election, I believe with the illegal sports grants scandal, and what about the other half of the country’s voters that did not vote for them, think about it the people are waking up to them in a big way, yes they are on track to lose the next election, but as shifty as they are, I cant wait till there lies and spin winds up.